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metal factory. so coolyou would almost forget it is school!

Do you live for your music? Are you going all the way for that podium spot as a performing artist, or is the studio your intended domain? Would you like to teach later on, or do you feel more comfortable inĀ  a managerial role in the music industry? If you have musical skills, artistic ambitions and the dedication to become a music professional, Metal Factory is for you! MF has five specializations: vocals, drums, bass guitar, guitar and keys. All classes are held in Dynamo Eindhoven, right in the city center.

career directions

In addition to individual instrumental skills, you will also learn all there is to know about the business and technical aspects of the profession, and how to cooperate and perform intensively with other students. All of this will help you establish a broad basis for your future job in the music industry. The learning environment of Metal Factory offers plenty of opportunities to gain experience in performing, organizing festivals and preparing workshops.

Every week, you will meet with your career counsellor to talk about your progress, learning goals, dreams and future opportunities. By doing so, you will challenge yourself to progress and make the most out of your time at our school.


In addition to developing yourself on your own instrument, you will develop yourself as a studio producer!

Metal Factory

Metal Factory


Develop yourself as a sound technician or engineer, both live and in the studio!


Become a monster of showmanship, wether you play your own music or as a session member for someone else’s act. The stage is always yours!

Metal Factory

Metal Factory

artist manager

Do you live for the business side of the music industry? Become a booker or artist manager!