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  • Crebo 25654
  • Vocational education, management training (‘mbo-niveau 4’ in Dutch)
  • School-based pathway (‘BOL’ in Dutch)
  • 3 years

Do you live for music?

Is it your ultimate goal to be on stage as a performing artist, or do you dream of working in a studio? Would you like to become a teacher in the future, or do you prefer to become a manager in the music industry? Do you have musical skills, personal ambitions and the will to make it as a professional? Then Metal Factory is the perfect choice for you. Metal Factory offers five specializations: vocals, drums, bass guitar, guitar and keys. All classes are held in the Dynamo venue in the center of Eindhoven.

In addition to individual instrumental skills, you will also learn all there is to know about the business and technical aspects of the profession, and how to cooperate and perform intensively with other students. All of this will help you establish a broad basis for your future career in the music industry. The learning environment of Metal Factory offers plenty of opportunities to gain experience in performing, organizing festivals and preparing workshops.

Every week, you will meet with your career counsellor to talk about your progress, learning goals, dreams and future opportunities. By doing so, you will challenge yourself to progress and get the most out of yourself.




Metal Factory is an international study program. Due to its unique character, our study program has, for years, been attracting a great deal of interest, both in the Netherlands and abroad. We want to take this new step so we can offer our students an international network right from the beginning of their studies. This means that lessons will be taught in English. We are convinced this will add value to the study program, both for the Dutch and the international candidates. In project-based learning, we work towards an end product during each of the five study periods. There are many possible end products, for example: live festivals, recording sessions and educational workshops.


Metal Factory has opened its doors to foreign students in 2020. That is why the training is completely in English. To be admitted to this program you need: a diploma vmbo K/G/T, mbo 2 or a transition certificate from 3 to 4 havo.

Dutch students can apply via this Summa College webpage.

The first step is to register there. We also want to know which of the five specializations you choose (voice, drums, bass, guitar or keyboards). If you find it difficult to choose one, you can apply for more disciplines. At the beginning of the program, every student must have selected one specialization, but we always try to support the learning of other skills and playing multiple instruments.

Foreign students can apply by sending an email to:

Once we receive your e-mail, we will send you a digital registration form. International students must have their diplomas evaluated according to EU guidelines. Read more about the procedure on the Summa website / Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.


Students 18 years or older on August 1st of the school year have to pay tuition fees. Students younger than 18, whose parents/carers still receive child benefits, are exempted.

Please take into account that you will also need to have a laptop. You can find the recommended laptop specifications on the Summa website. For this specific study program you can also use an Apple MacBook. Do bear in mind, however, that Summa does not support Apple computers and MacOS.

To determine whether you can be admitted to Metal Factory, you have to audition. If  your application has been fully processed, you will receive a pdf form to fill out and you will be scheduled for one of the audition days.

Our auditions for 2023-2024 will be held on:

  • Friday 12 April 2024
  • Saturday 13 April 2024
  • Friday 26 April 2024

So mark these dates in your calendar! If, in the meantime, you have specific questions concerning your application, please contact us at

An audition takes a total of 30 minutes. A committee of two to three persons will judge your musical performances. Especially your instrumental skills (skills, playing together) and your artistic creativity (own arrangement or composition) will be considered. Afterwards, the committee will talk to you about your motivation, vision of the future, ambitions and social skills.

Attention: Metal Factory has a limited number of places available for new students, so it’s wise to think about a backup plan.

Metal Factory is located in Dynamo Eindhoven, one of the most legendary venues for alternative music in Europe!

If you come from abroad to study at Summa, please check the additional information on residence permits, credential evaluation and relevant financial facts.

Important: One of the required subjects in this programme is Dutch. In order to obtain your diploma, you have to pass the exams Dutch (required level is 3F, this is a requirement by Dutch law). If you do not have any knowledge of Dutch, this can be very challenging, so if you have any questions about this, please send an email to

We work with a lot of organizations in and around Eindhoven. If you would like to work with us please contact:


  1. Do you want to work as a performing artist in the music industry?
  2. Do you have the creative talent to make your own music?
  3. Would you like to teach music later on?
  4. Would you like to produce music for others?