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Metal Factory.

Because of the guidelines regarding COVID-19, we decided to make the following adjustments regarding our application procedure and auditions:

  • We extended our application deadline until May 1st 2020.
  • The auditions are scheduled for Thursday June 4th and Friday June 5th.
  • Normally, we ask you to audition with a band. That is not possible (and allowed) right now. Everyone who applied will audition individually.
  • Our administration intends to inform you about your audition date as soon as possible.
  • In these uncertain times, it is possible that something changes. If that's the case, we'll inform you through our official channels. If you have any questions, please contact Karima Feddahi on

Are you next?

Do you live for music? Is it your ultimate goal to get on stage as a performing artist, or do you dream of working in a studio? Would you like to become a teacher in the future, or do you prefer to become a manager in the music industry? Do you have musical skills, personal ambitions and the will to make it as a professional? Then Metal Factory is the perfect choice for you. Metal Factory offers five specializations: vocals, drums, bass guitar, guitar and keys. All classes are given in the Dynamo venue in the center of Eindhoven.

In addition to individual instrumental skills, you will also learn all about the business and technical aspects of the profession, and how to cooperate and perform intensively with other students. All of this will help you establish a broad basis for your future job in the music industry. The learning environment of Metal Factory offers you plenty of chances to gain experience in performing, organizing festivals and preparing workshops.

Every week, you will sit with your career counsellor to talk about your progress, learning goals, dreams and future opportunities. By doing so, you will challenge yourself to progress and get the most out of yourself.

Metal Factory

  • crebo 25497
  • Vocational education, management training ('mbo-niveau 4 in Dutch')
  • School-based pathway ('bol' in Dutch)
  • 3 years
  • Start: August

A program with an international character

Starting the 2020-2021 school year, Metal Factory will switch to an international study program. Due to its unique character, our study program has attracted a great deal of interest for years, both in the Netherlands and abroad. We want to take this new step, so we can offer our students an international network right from the beginning of their studies. This means that lessons will be taught in English. We are convinced that this will bring added value to the study program, for both the Dutch and the international candidates. In project-based learning, we work towards an end product during each of the five study periods. There are many possible end products, for example: live festivals, recording sessions and educational workshops.



Educational entry requirements

To be accepted for this program, Dutch students need to have a:

  • Pre-vocational secondary education certificate theoretical program,
  • Bilingual secondary education certificate.

International students need to have their diplomas evaluated according to the EU guidelines. Read more about the procedure on the Summa website / Ministry of Education, Culture and Science website.


The deadline for your online registration is postponed until April the 30th 2020. If you are attending school in the Netherlands, you have to register via Intergrip. We will contact you by telephone as soon as you have submitted both part A and part B.

Foreign students can register by sending us an e-mail: Once we have received your e-mail, we will ask you to fill out a digital registration form.

Please note: you can choose only one of the available specializations (vocals, drums, bass guitar, guitar and keys).


In order to decide whether you can be admitted to Metal Factory, you have to audition. You will be notified about the audition date once your registration is completed.

In the meantime, should you have any questions regarding your registration, please contact us.

E-mail address:

Audition procedure Metal Factory

After registration, you will be invited to participate in our round of auditions. An audition takes 30 minutes in total and consists of two parts: a performance and an interview.

You will perform in front of a special committee. The main focus will be on your musical skills (instrumental skills, performing with other students) and your artistic creativity (for example, your own arrangement/your own repertoire).

The intake interview mainly focusses on your goals and ambitions for the future.

Preparation for your audition

  • For the audition you need to prepare three songs. Individually. It is required to have at least one song of your own. Metal Factory will provide microphones, amplifiers and keyboards. If needed, make sure to bring your own guitar, bass guitar or snare drum and sticks.
  • During the interview the focus will be on your motivation, plans for the future, ambitions and social skills.

No costs are attached to this admission procedure.

After the audition the commission will evaluate. If you don’t pass, then unfortunately your chances for the upcoming school year are over. This will be discussed properly with you, so you understand why it didn’t work out and whether or not a next attempt is advised. After careful consideration the admission commission will make their final selection for coming year. If you do pass, however, you will be informed in writing about the next steps of your registration.

Audition dates

The auditions are scheduled on June 4th and June 5th. Please make sure to block these dates in your agenda.

Please note: Each school year, Metal Factory has a limited number of places available for new students. It is therefore wise to think about a backup plan.

Metal Factory Checklist

  • Do you want to work as a performing artist in the music industry?
  • Do you have the creative talent to write your own music?
  • Would you like to teach music in the future?


Do you have talent and passion for the music profession? Then Metal Factory will teach you all the skills you need to pursue your dreams.

You will learn how to build your personal repertoire, write and arrange your own songs, perform alone or together with other students, rehearse, prepare and deliver workshops, etc. Cooperating with other students plays an important role in our study program, and we also pay considerable attention to the business side of the profession. In addition, you will follow a set of general subjects, such as Career, Mathematics, Dutch and English. In the learning environment of Metal Factory you will gain the necessary practical experience.


During the three school years, Metal Factory offers a number of electives which can be relevant after graduation. For example: Live Sound Engineering, Recording Studio Engineering, Preparation for Higher Vocational Education and How to Set up your own Music School. These courses will help you to broaden or deepen your professional expertise, and prepare you for a transition to a higher educational level. Each elective is completed with a final exam.

Time table and school period overview

Check here the first year’s time table of the previous school year.

Also take a look at the school period overview. Please note that both the time table and the school period overview are subject to changes every year. The above overview and time table are here just to give you an impression of what to expect.

Check out all the Metal Factory Talents
Sisters of Suffocation

Practical information
  • Study Fees

    For the 2019-2020 school year, the statutory rate for school-based full-time programs is € 1,168. Around April 2020, the tuition fees for the 2020-2021 school year will be issued.

    Only students who are 18 years or older on August 1st of the respective school year, have to pay tuition fees. Students younger than 18, whose parents/carers still receive child benefits, don’t have to pay tuition fees.


    Take into account that you will also need to have a laptop. You can find the recommended laptop specifications on the Summa website. For this specific study program you can also use an Apple MacBook. Do bear in mind, however, that Summa does not support Apple computers and MacOS.

  • The learning environment of Metal Factory

    Metal Factory Company (MFC) acts as an agency/production company for bands and educational projects. Although MFC is partly market-driven, it is a non-profit organization. Both its commercial and financial objectives are entirely focused on its educational goals.

    For external parties MFC is a professional partner that co-operates with regional companies, schools, institutions and private individuals.

  • Rehearsing

    Dynamo Eindhoven has five rehearsal rooms, each with a complete backline and PA installation. There are also various guitar and bass amplifiers, as well as complete drum sets available. It is recommended to bring your own cymbals and sticks. For keyboardists there are stage pianos, but if you want to work with (soft) synths, you will have to take care of that yourself.

  • Our partners

    Since the start, our program has been regarded as a serious and valuable player within the music industry. Here below you will find a number of professional parties Metal Factory has a long-term partnership with.

  • Travelling to school by public transport or car

    Metal Factory/Dynamo Eindhoven is located in the center of Eindhoven and is therefore easily accessible. It is less than a ten-minute walk from the central station. Check the online travel advice here.

    You can park your car in Q-Park De Heuvel, 6a Ten Hagestraat. This parking space is located around the corner from Dynamo Eindhoven.

    If you follow a vocational education program, you are entitled to a travel allowance. With an OV-Chipkaart you can travel free of charge or with a discount. As from 2017, also students under the age of 18, who don’t receive a student grant, are entitled to a student travel product.

  • Food and drinks

    Dynamo Eindhoven has a large atrium, where extensive lunch meals are served Monday through Friday. Metal Factory students can have unlimited lunch for only € 4, but of course it is also allowed to bring your own food and drink.

  • Contact information

    Questions about the program
    Johan van Stratum or +31 (0)6 31 67 54 55

    Information on the learning environment of Metal Factory
    Joost Lodewijk or +31 (0)6 52 04 15 41

    Information on registration and auditions of +31 (0)40 26 95 690

    Absence registration
    +31 (0)40 269 40 90 (between 8 a.m. and 4.30 p.m., make sure to specify that you’re following the Metal Factory program)

    Website editors
    Johan van Stratum
    Ivo Severijns

    Summa College
    Ted Gijsman

More information

After graduation

We train you to become a musician. After graduation, you can start as an independent artist/entrepreneur in the music industry, or choose to go on to higher education. Study programs with a focus on music are offered for example at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, Codarts Rotterdam, Rock Academy Tilburg or at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

Some examples of bands that formed at Metal Factory and have made a successful start over the past few years are: Sisters of Suffocation and Inferum.



The teaching team of Metal Factory consists of active professionals with experience in the music industry. By sharing their artistic passion, musical expertise and their professional network, they can give students a chance to get a head start in the professional field.

Check out our Metal Factory mini movies featuring some of our top teachers!

Stef Broks
Marcela Bovio