Teacher Tuesday: Ruud Jolie

Most will know him as the guitarist of Within Temptation, but we also know him as a guitar teacher, band coach, music theory teacher and study coach. Ruud Jolie (44) has been working at Metal Factory for 8 years now (yes, right from the start) and still enjoys it: "If it's cool, why change jobs?" says Ruud.

Why is working at Metal Factory cool?

"I'm active in the music industry and that goes for most of our teachers. I still play in Within Temptation and then you have busy periods and less busy periods. The great thing about Metal Factory is its flexibility. If I have a busy period, I teach a little less".

And it's not only great for the teachers that they can make the combination between education and practice, the students benefit as well.

"Playing the guitar well is one thing, but entrepreneurship and experience on stage is also very important. And you learn that from and in practice."

Experience on stage also seems to belong to history, how do you convey that?

"Well, the coronavirus makes everything harder. There is little work at the moment, so you have to be more creative. There's a lot to do in the industry that doesn't have something to do with playing in a band, for example organizing festivals, going to the studio side or becoming a booking manager".

I also think if you want it enough and work hard, there's room for you in the music industry. That's a bit harder now, but you shouldn't give up. This too will pass one day and then you want to follow your music heart".

So hard work has also been the key to success for you?

"Yeah, but luck is important too. I was able to make ends meet before I came to Within Temptation. I met the band at a festival. It clicked and about 2 years later they were looking for another guitarist and thought of me. At first, I said no twice because I was just in another band and I didn't want to go 'hopping'.

The third time no wasn’t an option and I said yes, with no regrets at all. So, it does takes hard work, you need to have your things in order. Otherwise you won't be asked for a band like that. But apart from that it's also important that you have a network and have just that little bit of luck in your encounters".

It's been quite a while now, are things different from today?

"Sure. The biggest difference is that social media has become very important. It seems like you can only get big when you're also big on social media. And then sometimes it's pretty tentative to see what people are showing of themselves in order to achieve that goal.

That wasn't before. Maybe you were judged a lot more on your skills than on the number of followers you have".

We can go on endlessly about this, back to being a teacher: how would you describe yourself as a teacher?

"I like the culture of Metal Factory very much. It's a subculture and very specialized. At Metal Factory people can do what they think is cool and I also leave students free to do what they like...

But. I raise them too. Metal is of course a very specific genre, but I also want my students to get to know other styles. That's why I also want them to play the blues. That's the cradle of rock music.

Clapton passes by and Queen, some students don't have the faintest idea who they are, but that's part of the general development. And that's also very important to me. Music changes over the years, but it's always important to know where it comes from".

Ruud Jolie (44) is a guitar teacher, band coaching and study guidance at Metal Factory. But also a purebred musician. Follow him on Instagram!