Emmelie Herwegh builds her own guitar

She builds her own guitar! Emmelie (24) is one of the few females in death metal and a multi-talent: besides rocking the guitar at Sisters Of Suffocation, she vlogs, photographs ánd builds her own guitar. Not surprising: her father is a guitar builder and she plays one. So if she needs a new one, she 'just' makes it herself.

Omroep Brabant (a Dutch news source) interviewed her. Unfortunately, the interview is only available in Dutch (you can find it here).

They interviewed her in the guitar workshop in Hulten (close to Tilburg) and there she points at a wooden, unprocessed guitar. That one is an 'upgrade' of the guitar she plays now. 'Glitter' is the magic word for the new one. "The cool thing is, that you can adjust everything to your own wishes," said Emmelie. "It's mainly about the sound you can make with your guitar. If something feels not right, it can be adjusted!"

Want to hear the sound of her own guitars? Check the video below!