COVID-19 adjustments to our application procedure and auditions

Because of the guidelines regarding COVID-19, we decided to change the audition dates once again.

  • The auditions are now scheduled for Thursday June 4th and Friday June 5th 2020.
  • Our administration intends to inform you about your audition date as soon as possible.

Besides that, our procedure is different from other years. Normally, we ask you to audition with a band. Now - regarding the guidelines of the government - that isn't possible. This means that everybody who applied will audition individually. You don't need to ask other musicians to play with you. As a matter of fact: it is not allowed.

If you applied before May 1st, you will receive an e-mail with further explanation shortly.

In these uncertain times, it is possible that something changes. If that's the case, we'll inform you through our official channels. If you have any questions, please contact Karima Feddahi on Make sure to keep an eye on our program page.