Metal Factory is housed in the Dynamo venue: a realistic setting where youth culture plays a central role. The modern building is located in the middle of the center of Eindhoven and has five rehearsal rooms with a complete backline. Additionally, is has two concert halls, each with a PA and lighting installation. Historically, Dynamo has always played an important role in the metal scene. The Dynamo Open Air Festival is still well-known around the world.

21 Catharinaplein
5611 DE Eindhoven
+31 40 239 31 10

Contact information

Visiting address Summa College
3 Willem de Rijkelaan
5616 EA Eindhoven
+31 40 269 56 00

  • Praktijkgerichte omgeving
  • 15 repetitieruimtes met backline
  • Concertzaal met licht en geluid
  • Professionele studio

PopEi (Strijp-S)
Klokgebouw 300
5617 AD Eindhoven
040 243 14 44